The inability of embracing a white smooth cotton paper

Social Practices

Creativity and poetry allow us to built bridges, on wheels, fabric or paper.  I believe, creative bridges will last longer than any wall. 

Last projects in autumn 2019

Nov 2019: Braga em Risco | Atelier SER presents CommonLandscape in Braga (PT)

- 9th and 10th Novembre | Rua do Castelo, BRAGA 

Sep 2019: Mexe | Atelier SER co-creates Mapa de Vontades in Porto (PT)

Atelier SER performed at Mexe, International encounter of Art and Community. Porto, 20 & 21 September. 

Set 2019: Conversas na Rua | Atelier SER performs with Bicicleta MANIFESTA, Lisbon  (PT)

Diogo deCalle was to take part at Conversas na Rua 2019. Lisbon,  September. 

Jun 2019: Festa da Casa da Cerca | Atelier SER performs in Casa da Cerca Art Centre, Lisbon (PT)

Diogo deCalle was delighted to take part at Festa da Casa da Cerca. Lisbon, 30 Juny. 

About me

I am a multidisciplinary artist working and living both in Lisboa (Portugal) and Berlin (Germany).